Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Make a Wish Walk

A couple weekends ago we participated in the Make a Wish Walk for Wishes 5k at Steele Indian School park. it was a good time and was obv for a great cause. I've worked with Make a Wish for about 8 years now and was looking forward to the walk. A couple of my Chi O alum friends participated, Shelley and Alisa (but they ran, i totally walked). And Patricia and Deena, my bffs from work came too. I stuck Connor in the stroller and got ready to roll.

They had a pretty yummy breakfast spread of pancakes, bagels, fruit, coffee, juice, water and some other goodness. We took some pics and then Connor spotted the bounce house. He played for about ten minutes at which point i had to drag him out, seriously, so we could get to the starting line.

It was great, but a bit warm for mid-march. Connor did amazing sitting in his stroller the entire time--mostly due to Patricia speed walking with him i think. Sometimes Deena and I would look around and wonder where my kid went off to. Shelley and Alisa ran the 5k in about 45 minutes and we walked in about an hour...though we def weren't doing it with any sort of goal in mind.

deena, shelley, me & connor, alisa and patricia
deena doing lunges, because everywhere we go deena does's her "thing" :)
deena trying to make connor like her
patricia ran ahead to get a shot of us coming across the finish line
i think connor scares patricia just a little
i actually won an amazing raffle. Gift certificates to like 15 different valley restaurants...Melting Pot, Christos, Houstons. Amazing!
he crashed after being in the car for about 45 seconds

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Katy said...

how fun. It looks like it was a great time