Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Favors are Delish

I wanted to make Connor's bday favors again. Since there are all different ages coming to his bday party tomorrow it's hard to do toys that will work for everyone...but like Jill said, food always works!

Last year we had a baseball themed par-tay and i made baseball sugar cookies. This year, it's all about the mouse so I was hoping to do something dealing with Mickey (or M-I-C as we call him around the house so connor doesn't know what we're talking about). I decided on chocolate covered oreos when I found some super cute Mickey shaped sprinkles.

Wednesday night we made the cookies. I decided to cover both sides in the sprinkles so I just spread the wax paper across our kitchen island and dumped a bunch of sprinkles all over. Then i heated the chocolate in my little dipper thingy (erin-i finally found a use for that thing!) and dipped the oreos in the liquid goodness. I laid the covered oreo on top of the sprinkles and dropped a few more sprinkles on the upward facing oreo. done and done. Actually, it kinda took forever to do them and after 75 cookies I decided that only the kids got favors this year and that we were doing 3 to a bag. (Last year we ended up with so many f'n baseball cookies i almost threw up.)

Well, later that night we found Connor like this when we walked into the kitchen.

He'd climbed up on one of those water bottle pallates and was going to town on the sprinkles. hilarious, this kid. Of course, we laughed because we are horrible parents in regards to discipline so he did it all night. (why didn't we just move the water? no idea)
Today when we got home I had to do some weed-pullin' in the front yard and connor was inside watching MIC. I was literally on the phone with Patricia telling her how crazy he was to eat the sprinkles and completely leave the cookies alone. I went inside to find this.

(no joke...that 3rd photo frightens me)


Katy said...

Um, that third photo REALLY is freaking me out. I can't get close enough to it. It's bad

Karen said...

What a cool favor idea! I totally want one! :)

Jill said...

Kids are awesome. Connor is so fun...I love it!

Paul, Lisa and Audrey said...

You're not bad parents...we do the same thing. Why are kids so freaking cute? Especially when they're sneaky!