Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Last weekend 10 of us (alyssa, andrea, ashley, carly, dawn, janeen, lauren, lindsay, patricia and sienna) had our first annual girls weekend in Payson. It was a great time and I think it was good for everyone to get away from everything for a night. We left on Saturday around noon and stayed the night at Dawn's mom's cabin. This is the same place Jeff, Connor and I went up over Valentines.

We took up a few cars and Patricia, Carly and I rode up with Sienna. Car trips with girlfriends are so much fun.

Patricia and I

Carly and Sienna-while S was driving i'm sure...

When we first got into town, we made some drinks, played some games and got ready to go out. We definitely may have talked for a couple of hours about high school and college stories...that never gets old :)
ashley handling her crackberry and dos x at the same time

Dawn and Ash-the two I never, ever get photos of!

We went to dinner at El Rancho which was really good. The food was shockingly yummy, but the margs were nearly pure mix. dawn's dad was in town and stopped by to say hi to everyone. Several of us have known him since we were 12 or 13 so it was nice to see him again.

Ashley & Alyssa-This was the well-behaved end of the long table...

and this was our end of the table :)

lo enjoying the weekend away!

and lauren talking s&%t i think

sienna, carly and lauren

Carly, Dawn and Lindsay


and that's better

Janeen and Andrea playing pool. Something on the pockets of Janeen's shirt had some kind of reflector material on it and she's glowing in every shot. hilarious.

Janeen and her shirt again..and Alyssa, Dawn, Carly and Sienna

Carly and Dawn-the fact that I somehow ended up with multiple shots of D this weekend is amazing

Carly and I taking photos of each other

There are some more photos and i'll get them posted more over the next week. :) Also, Lauren took some fun shots so check them out here.


Katy said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun

Lo Farley said...

oh those pictures are funny! I think I was talking sh** in that one too. That's just me. Oh we so need to do a trip again!!