Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Here are some pics from last weekend. Most are from Aidan's 2nd bday party and a couple are from the company picnic we went to right after the party. it was pretty warm and i am hoping that since it's nearly May, the outdoor birthday circuit has closed it's doors!
doing something gross like licking the fence

he thought his goody bag was a drink and immediately tried to drink from the straw


egg race! if you look really close at the first pic you can see connor pouting in the back against the fence.

full on, up close pouting.

Landon getting his tee ball on-i think this was one of Connor's fav gifts this year

being caught after they repeatedly tried to make a break for it
Aidan's cake was super cute


Jill said...

That is one cute kid!

Katy said...

My favorite is him posing against the fence! He's like, I'm to cool for school

Lo Farley said...

poor little man, he looks so red from heat stroke!

Kelsey said...

Is this your photography? Because you are such a multi-talented woman that I can cannot even keep up with you, Supermom! :)

Lindsay said...

kelsey, thanks so much but i'm no real photographer. yes, i took the pics but my kid is just a ham so that's probably why they turned out well. :)