Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Dose of Brilliance

Pandora-I know that so many have already heard of this site, but it’s somewhat newish to me thanks to either Jobina or Ashley…can’t remember but I loooove it. My office is eerily quiet and I really need music to make it through my day without going all Office Space Copier scene. Pandora does it for me. I hope they never block that site because I think I may cry. All you have to do is enter one artist you like and an entire station is created for you-no commerials, no horrible djs, all awesomeness. J If you’d like to listen to the “station” I listen to most days, just click here. I put in Joshua Radin, Bryn Christopher, Brett Dennen, Adele and a few others.


Katy said...

i agree. This site is amazing. I love it. I especially love how if you click on "don't like this song" they say, sorry, I'll never play that again. Makes me feel powerful

mrs_o said...

yes we've been using this site since it 1st came out, great site!