Sunday, April 19, 2009

Letter to My 2 Year Old

I started this a couple days before Connor's actual bday but just haven't been able to get through re-reading it without wanting to curl up and i'm just posting now, a couple days later. I'll be posting much more bday stuff in the next couple of days (hey, it takes that long to sort through hundreds of photos)

Dear Connor,

You crazy little monkey boy. I cannot believe that you are turning two today. It always drove me absolutely crazy when people told me that you’d grow up so fast but you did, you really did.
I remember when your daddy and I first found out that you were coming and we didn’t believe it. I was really sick when I was pregnant, so we worried that you’d arrive safely…but you were tough and you still are. When you did make your appearance you arrived with a bang-especially for such a little guy. You were just over 6 pounds and even smaller when we took you home. Somewhere in your first few months you went from being this cute little blob that didn’t really do a heck of a lot to being an adorable little boy with talents, personality and a love for everyone around you.

You amaze me daily with your love, your humor, and your abilities. You drive me crazy daily with your temper, your non stop energy and your ability to spot a ball from 50 yards away. I love that even after watching the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode 143 times you still squeel in utter joy when you see that mouse's head coming around the path. I hate not being with you during the day, but your huge smile when I come to get you makes it all worthwhile. You are my entire world and I never would have believed how much I could love you if it hadn’t happened to me. I hope you always know how much we love you and I will do my absolute best to be sure I tell you each and every day how amazing and important you are.

Happy 2nd birthday.

I love you monkey,


Lori said...

That is beautiful! Thank goodness I looked at this during my planning or I would have dumb teenagers making fun of my tears!

Katy said...

Awhhhhhhh, so sweet. Does he full on call you "MOM" yet? That would just melt me

Lindsay said...

nope, i'm mama. it's my favorite. mama and dada. it makes me melt:)

Jill said...

Yay. We love Connor.

And I think feel some stealing of ideas about to happen...

Tiffany said...

i just now read this cause i haven't been on blog in forever...and it made me tear up. so precious.