Friday, April 17, 2009


Here are a few of the Easter pics. We had a pretty good Easter-well the 2nd half of the day anyway. I hurt my back pretty badly on Saturday and was in urgent care all morning on Sunday. We had the Easter meal at The Barnes Grandparent house. My mom came and Jeff's sisters were there with their families. Then later that evening my dad and Corliss came by to hide eggs with Connor :) Hope everyone had a nice holiday.
Easter was so fun this year because he really understood what was going on and what to do with the eggs
connor found the huge chocolate bunny from grandpa and corliss

searching and searching...

There's one!

give me the camera woman
watching everyone playing wii

please, please can i play too?

getting tickles from grammy and papa


Katy said...

The best thing about all these photos are connor's little teeth!

Nancy said...

I just caught up on your blog after a week on vacation- I love all the photos! :)