Friday, October 15, 2010

Funkafied Friday

I am finding myself in a bit of a funk over the past couple of days. Nothing huge, nothing really funk-worthy...just a few teeny tiny little things and they are finding me on the verge of tears and mascara meltdowns. I'm moody and snippy - kinda like a tiny little purse dog. Not a fun person to be around I would assume.

Connor has been having some new behavioral issues at school. I don't know if it's the age, a phase or the school he's at...but something sucks. He's hitting, spitting, and being totally stubborn and whiny at the same time. This is new for him so it's quite an adjustment. I'm pretty close with a couple of his teachers so they are great about stopping what they are doing when I arrive to give me the daily rundown. We have a sticker chart (only thing that works in our house) that he gets a sticker on for each day that he's good at school. If he's good at tball that day too, he gets an extra sticker...we've had tantrum issues at tball so it became necessary.

Anyway, it's really starting to wear on me listening to them everyday tell me that he didn't have a good day and that it's not getting any better. I brought it on by telling them to fill me in when I know most of the parents just walk in, grab their kid and go. I'm so burnt out on hearing it everyday that I feel like I've admitted defeat and instead of talking to him about it I just say "get in the car" and sadly head to tball or whatever we've got going on that day. Again, not a fun person to be around. I think it would be a bit easier to swallow if it wasn't just me dropping off and picking up each day. Jeff doesn't have to hear it each and everyday. I mean, he hears it from me but that's different than hearing it from his teacher. I drop them off at 7, head to my too crazy, too busy job for 9 hours and then have to hear about how Connor hit several children today and spit at the teacher. Who spits at people!?! My kid apparently.

We tell him that if it's a bad report day, there's no tball or no wii or no whatever is on the calendar...unfortuntely, sometimes the calendar wins out and we head to tball anyway because the family is taking time to be there to watch him. We've started bringing a kitchen timer along so that he has to sit out and watch everyone else play for a bit. It's a great idea in theory but I don't think he gets it. It just ends up being tougher on me because Jeff is out there coaching and I'm trying to juggle a bored/fussy infant and an anxious Connor.

I spend many a lunch hour feeding Noah, or hunting around for a tool belt or a specific green shirt to finish up Connor' Halloween costume. Which reminds me that I need to grab some white felt for his Handy Manny hat...ugh. Some days/weeks/months I really love running kiddo errands but sometimes it catches up with me and I feel a, what's a nice word for strangled? Oh, there's not one. Damn. Ok, I feel whelmed.

I think I'm just feeling overtaken with mommyness right now. I love it, being a mom is everything I'd hoped that it would be and more...but that doesn't mean the task is simple! I discovered the other day that just a few months ago my commute used to be spent listening to talk radio, listening to audiobooks, on the phone catching up with friends or commute is a third of what it was and it is 100% full of I spy, singing the bumblebee song, trying to focus on the road with two screamers in back and lecturing Connor about his bad report from school. I have completely lost that alone time in the car. Does that sound selfish? Hope not, but if it does I think I'm allowed.

Not surprisingly, my post is not at all helping me get out of my mood. I think I'll end with this picture of my amazingly adorable boys and get back to work. I've got lots to do before I head out in a couple of hours in search of white felt. :)


Krista said...

I'm sorry you are in a funk. I understand about your commute - I love that time. I usually don't even turn the radio on. I like complete silence. We were having some issues with Nate at school too for awhile (there are still some bad days from time to time). I think they all go through phases. For Nate, it started when he changed classes and teachers. Maybe Connor is having a delayed reaction to the school change and being a big brother. Hang in there. Find some quiet time for yourself. You are a great mom!

Jeni Lyn said...

Well at least they have really cute faces to look at when they are frustrating.

witticism here said...

Do you want advice or just time to vent? There is nothing worse than ill-timed or unwanted advice. Let me know if you need to talk. You know I know exactly what you are going through considering our boys are the same ages. Email me or text. Hang in there! Hugs.

Lindsay said...

lol Keiko i know what you mean. honestly, i'm venting but would love the advice if you know of something that could help me force, i mean adjust connor's BH issues.