Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We've been pretty busy lately with tball, fall festivals, weddings and lots of other stuff. The boys are doing well and fortunately keep up with our crazy schedule like pros!
Noah is threatening to become mobile, though it will surely be a couple more months before it actually happens...hopefully. He's mastered rolling from his back to his belly and will do it as soon as you lay him somewhere unless you're dangling a toy over him or making silly faces :) He can't quite roll from belly to back, but enjoys tummy time and pushing up on his arms to look around. He's reaching for toys and swatting at everything. Still, one of his favorite activities is watching Connor do just about anything. When Noah gets fussy, we like to make Connor dance for him. Creepy? Oh well.
Connor is having a better week this week, so hopefully it will keep up. Thank you to those of you who sent emails with suggestions. I really appreciate it and have been trying out some of your tips!! This past weekend he got to go to his fall festival, a Mickey Mouse show and his first tball game so those were fun things for him. There are fall festival pics below and I'll post Mickey and tball pics later.
Noah attacking his puppy, Cinnamon

it would be super if he knew how to really hold his own bottle - he's pretty close

Connor and Noah's school held their fall festival this past weekend. There was a crazy dust storm in true AZ style that gave about a 5 minute heads up so most of the activities were moved inside. We didn't have Connor's Handy Manny costume all done yet so he went as a baseball player and just wore his tball uniform. I wasn't about to put Noah in his tigger costume since it's still really warm, so he wore his "Got Candy" shirt he inheirited from Connor.

the finished product
Noah and Grammy Van Hook

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