Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Noah is 4 months old - Update!

Yesterday we had Noah's 4 month well baby visit. I love well baby visits because I appreciate positive reinforcement of being told we're doing a good enough job that our children are still alive. Seriously.

Also, I love getting the official measurements taken and being told my boys are cute. True story.

The appointment went well and Noah got the go ahead to start on rice cereal if we want to. The way that our ped office recommends is to do rice cereal 1-2x per day for a couple months and then start introducing veggies and fruit at 6 months. Fine by me because I've made zero progress getting ahead of schedule making Noah's food so I can use the extra weeks to build up the reserves!

The little flat spot on his head is rounding out nice and he's pushing up nicely while on his belly. Our dr. checked his hearing and eyes and all was well there too. He's weighing 15lbs 14.5oz and is 25.5" long/tall. That puts him in the 65th percentile for both height/weight. He's chatting a lot now and a total drooling, teething machine. Connor got his first tooth at 6 months so I'm anxious (kinda...) to see when Noah pops one out. I know one thing for sure, the day we see a tooth will be the day Noah is on the bottle 100% - no thanks. Speaking of Connor, I checked his baby blog and at 4 months Connor was about 1.5 lbs and 1.5" smaller than Noah...not as much difference as we'd thought!

Noah got 4 shots at this appointment and Connor sat next to him and patted his head. I think he was kinda freaked out himself because he just stared at him with these wild, crazy eyes repeating "it's ok baby noah, it's ok". Way to go us...parenting skills, we gots them.

Connor sharing his hat with Noah

Noah spends much of his time chewing on this football or his other one. Connor wanted to see what it was all about

Enjoying the quilt Jeffrey's aunt made for him

smiling for Grammy VH

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Krista said...

Your boys are seriously too cute. I love the picture where Connor is sharing his hat.