Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We took the boys to Mother Nature's Farm this Sunday and Papa Van Hook & Tashi came along. It's a fun, low key time. I think when they are older we'll head to Schnepfpfpfpfpf farms but for now this is a perfect fit. There's a petting zoo, bouncers, hayride, huge pumpkin patch, a hay maze and other stuff. Plus kids admission includes a little pumpkin to decorate.

We arrived around 12:30 and had lunch. It was nice out but I think ten degrees cooler would have been perfect since the sun was totally bright and the sky was completely free of clouds. I took about 100 pics so there's lots here to check out :)

always entertained by Papa Van Hook

Jeff & Connor attempting the hay maze

success is sweet

there was a huge pile of dirt at the farm and kids were walking along it...we wondered if this was a meant to be an attraction or if it was just an added bonus

Connor hunting for the perfect pumpkin

he made his selection and is now off to decorate it

this pic cracks me up. i feel like it sums up our family perfectly. i'm taking pics while connor goofs off about something and noah screams in the back. look at his little arms thrown up in protest. if only jeffrey was in the background checking his fantasy football scores on his crackberry. hilarious.

skull & crossbones. i'm a proud chi omega mama.

enjoying the hayride

I'm ready. Noah is chewing on Tashi's arm. Jeff looks annoyed with photos. Connor has lost interest. Super.

we found him here throwing the pumpkins. boys.

this is when my dad called me "parent of the year" for propping my baby up between pumpkins for the sake of a cute photo

3 feet tall :)

i love them so hard

Papa & Tashi with the boys

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Karen said...

You should really make the photo of you guys sticking your faces thru the holes your FB photo. :) I love it!!