Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reason #543 that being a parent is tough work: work.

Really struggling being a working mom today.

Noah got sick on Sunday night. My MIL stayed with him Monday and my dad stayed with him Tuesday. I’ll spare the details of formula amounts, concentration and time lapse but he’d get better, then puke, then get better, then puke. Super great. He went back to school yesterday after no puking for nearly two days and did great on diluted bottles of a smaller amount. Last night we gave him two bottles of full formula but a smaller amount and he did great. We thought we were in the clear. This morning, shortly after his 7am feeding at daycare I got a call. Can I tell you how much parents dread seeing their kids’ school phone number pop up on their caller ID? There’s no positive reason for this call. Either sick, hurt or in bad enough trouble that they are calling you. They don’t call to tell you that your son was an amazing sharer or really killed it at storytime this afternoon. So, they tell me that Noah only took 2 ounces (when he normally attacks his 8oz bottle) and didn’t want more. 15 minutes later, he puked it all up. Jeff wasn’t to work yet so I called him and he turned around. I got an appointment for an hour later and we both went to the appointment. I hate sitting at my office working when Jeff and one of the boys is at the doctor. All I can think is, “is he asking enough questions?”, “will he remember what we’re supposed to do?”. Jeff’s an amazing dad and a super smart guy but two parents are better than one. The doc told us that it’s just a “typical day care stomach virus” and that we should really try to keep him out today and tomorrow to be safe. Fine.

Jeff’s staying home today even though he has a super important lunch meeting that he’s missing, and shouldn’t be missing. Working and being a parent is incredibly difficult. My job is busy, super busy. I’m the only one who does my job, it’s super time sensitive and enough work for two people to do and stay busy with. If I’m gone for a day I’m incredibly handicapped when I get back. Worse? I’m traveling Monday and Tuesday of next week so I’ll already be coming back to a nightmare on Wednesday…I seriously cannot miss tomorrow too.

This puts parents in a horrible spot where they have to weigh their options. Do I send my kid to school and try my luck that he’ll be okay? Our boys are funny that they don’t act sick when they are – they smile, laugh, want to eat and play. He’s already sick and isn’t going to get worse…but I hate when other parents send their kids to school and they get mine sick. Hate it. I want to be able to be with my baby when he’s not feeling well afterall. With work it’s not just having to get the day off…it’s never catching up on work, not having any vacation time left after taking so much time off to actually have the kid and the stigma of not being at work because my kid is sick again. I hate that I have to make this decision…the choice should always be the kid right? But the job is what pays for us to have the insurance to take the kid to the doctor when they need to be there. It’s a cycle I tell you. But I’m not a SAHM personality really, so this is what we do. I'm sure dad's have the same feelings on this, but this blog is about me and my family so well, there it is.

That’s my rant for the day. Thanks for listening.

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The Neerings Family said...

You're welcome! I'm a good "listener"! ;o) Hope all the sick bugs are out of your house by now.