Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Already?

For months and months, Connor has said nothing else except that he wants to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween this year. We went to the costume stores and his obsession fizzed quick when he saw that there were so many other options. The variety was like his crack - he ran around bouncing around between Luigi (??), Buzz Lightyear and other TS3 characters until...he saw the Handy Manny costume. The buzz costume was adorable-ish but he really wanted to be Handy Manny so we tried that one on too. First can I say that these costumes are absolutely horrible. Horrible. They are usually in one piece like a creepy jumpsuit typically made of lycra or something else. Ew. If you want one that isn't quite as horrible, be prepared to drop $50...which we're not prepared for considering he'll wear it for 15 houses and then tell us he has to pee, eat or something else that will have us heading back to the house where we will give up and stay for the duration of the evening. Nope. Not for $50 kid. Lo siento.

horrible picture, horrible costume

I digress. We tried on the Handy Manny costume and it was the worst. absolute worst. the fake jeans, shirt, tool belt and tools were all one piece. are my expectations unrealistically high here? perhaps, but no thank you sir. We hit about 4 other places in search of a different Handy Manny costume and seriously struck out. We've decided that this year, we'll be putting it together ourselves. We'll see how it goes. We were thinking jeans, brown shoes, red trucker-style hat and a green raglan/baseball style shirt would be simple enough. Wrong again. Having a tough time finding a green shirt already. So, if you see a lt green/dk green raglan shirt, or ringer tee or anything even close grab it and you'll be my hero. and my kids hero.

Halloween is getting close...I now have less than 4 weeks to transform my child into a Mexican Handyman Cartoon Character. Wish me luck!!

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The Neerings Family said...

I feel the same! The costumes that have a bit of quality are WAY too expensive. And the quality isn't even that great. I figured it's only for a few hours, maybe two or three times so I would go cheap. Can you believe I spent about $50 for Audrey's 1st Halloween outfit when she was 3 months old! (Of course she was our only kid and I was still teaching in Mesa full time!) It was SUPER cute though. A pink poodle skirt with her name embroidered on it. I have to say it is my FAVORITE of her costumes so far.

Anyhow, her costumes since then (fairy, Little Red Riding Hood, & last year's Pirate Girl) have all been cheapy Walmart ones. But they did the trick. I have tried and tried to create my own and just have been striking out. We're trying for real this year. She's going to be Penny, from Bolt. If you have any black knit shorts in a size 3T, we'd appreciate it! It's my last piece. Or so I thought. Until Audrey reminded me that she has black boots. Ugh!