Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too lame for facebook

Sometimes there are things I want to put out there into the internet world that are just way, way too lame for even a facebook status. Forget about putting it on twitter because about 99% of my friends on there use their twitter for real, work related tweets and they def dont want to hear about something far too silly that even facebook can handle.

I've decided that this blog can be my outlet for those dumb, ridiculous thoughts that no one wants to see in their FB news feed. So 'too lame for facebook' begins. Whenever you see that title, feel free to skip over it completely and find something more engaging to read. It will help you avoid reading something and then thinking, well she warned will also satisfy my insane need to post something utterly unimportant.



Karen said...

Yay! I love stuff that's too lame for FB. :)

Krista said...

love it!

Katy said...

These are like random thoughts by jack handy