Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah is 4 months old!

My baby boy turned 4 months old this week. He's so adorable I can't even believe it. :) It's truly amazing how much they change, and just how quickly. Friends who only see him every couple of weeks comment on how much he's grown and how different he acts from each time they see him.

We won't have his measurements until his 4 month appointment next week so I'll be sure to update with those when we get them. I'm guessing he's around 16lbs though. No idea on height. We don't call him Noah Bear for no reason though :)

He was sick for about a week with a respiratory virus, but thankfully it's not RSV season yet so he bounced back fairly fast. We still do a breathing treatment every now and then if he's a bit raspy and wheezy just in case. He hate it so bad.

I can't remember if I've talked about Noah's schedule, but since I'm using the blog as a sort of babybook I'll do it now. We're big on scheduling our kids super early. No on-demand feeding for us...unless they are sick, really sick. Noah's first feeding is at 7am and he eats every 4 hours. We do his last feeding an hour early at 10pm and he's in bed by 10:30. He doesn't have eat overnight and we've been on this schedule since he was 8 weeks old I think. I know lots of moms and dads stick with the overnight feedings for a long time, but this is how we roll. He's eating 7oz during each of his 5 being nursed on two or three of those - quite the piggy!

Right now, Noah loves standing, attacking/gnawing on his plush football or his puppy Cinnamon, watching Connor be silly and me. Yup, he loves me. Dad's ok too :) He's doing really well on his tummy with pushing up on his arms and while he can't sit up by himself yet he's really strong and only does the bobble head thing ever so often. He's so incredibly happy and such a smiley baby. His smile is totally infectious too so don't even try to pretend it's not.

When Connor was a baby, I hated these Bumbo chair things. I still think they are like a little baby jail, but with two my thoughts are superceded with the need to sit Noah somewhere safe and contained. Not that he's mobile, but he spins around and doesn't love being left in a chair while I move laundry, check email, pee or anything else. I swear if I'm rushing around trying to get things done he wants me, but if I'm just lounging he's fine. Kids, I swear :) Anyway, so we got Noah a bumbo off craigslist and he seems to like it. I think he'll outgrow it before he gets to be the age where he can sit there and eat little snacks but we'll use it while we can.

the deepest thinking is done in the bumbo chair

this picture cracks me up. Connor gets rewarded with 30 minutes of wii time if he has a good day at school. It benefits Noah too because he loves watching Connor do just about anything.

because I always like to include a creepy close up

Noah kept tickling Connor when I tried taking their picture. It was like the early version of 'not touching you'. Hilar.

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