Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess who loves food?

This Guy!

well, eventually his did anyway. Noah got the go ahead from his doctor to start solid food earlier this week. We'll be giving him some rice cereal at dinner time only, so just once a day for now. I seriously don't remember this stuff from Connor so it's good that our doctor explains it all over again. I remember that Connor loved the cereal and that he grabbed the spoon after I fed him a couple bites and wanted to do it himself. I really think Connor was a month older than Noah when he started solids though. Ok, just checked on Connor's old baby blog and he did start after Noah. If you're so inclined, you can read about it here.

Yeah, so you can see above that he was super happy sitting in his bumbo and then we tried to give him the rice cereal and it all went to hell...within two minutes. Hilar. Yes, I am mean and took a pic of him all pissed with food dribbling out of his mouth. So sue me. It still makes me laugh to look at so there.

We decided to switch him to the actual high chair for his first/second try at cereal and it went great. I think he may still be just a wee bit skinny to sit in the bumbo for anything important like eating. He slips around in there and his leg gets all stuck and jammed in there which really seems to piss him off. Anyway, after we moved him he did just great. We know that the first few feedings tend to be for practice anyway since barely anything actually stays in the mouth...babies just don't know how to deal with spoon eating yet.

He did really well with it and kept lunging for the spoon. Seemed like he had a great time. I think we'll keep it at once a day for a few weeks and then start up with twice a day once he's mastered the spoon thing. I have some video of it that I'll post later, so for now here are a bunch of photos of the event.

Warning...I'm about to talk about breastfeeding --- This new step also marks the end of my nursing days. Noah has been a great breastfeeder, but our schedule is just making it tougher and tougher. Also, I am horrible at pumping so I'm only nursing him 2-3 times per day so my supply is dwindling. With a few overnight babysitting occurances coming up this month, it will be even tougher. We have a wedding coming up next weekend and I'm so not feeling like pumping during a reception...again. I'm not really sad about it at all - I'm just thrilled that I got to nurse Noah since Connor didn't. I was all but totally done on Saturday and I'd had zero pain that's typically associated with stopping. Unfortunately, Noah had a cranky afternoon and I held him while he screamed and cried for about 20 minutes straight. It really is true that you can start producing when your baby cries. Yeah, lots. So I was back at square one and ended up nursing him that night. Sunday I started again and I'm feeling better now that it's Monday. Luckily, I've slowly lessened how much I nurse so the transition hasn't been difficult at all pain wise. As for Noah, he's so easy and could really care less where his meal is coming from so there's no transition there!
Thanks for checking in on the fam. This is an exciting milestone for Noah Bear :)

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