Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

yummy rice cereal. we ditched the shirt AND the bib this round!

hanging out in the big boy seats at school

at school - he's getting so strong and really good at tummy time and propping himself up...he'll be crawling in no time...sigh.

thanks ikea

Noah's 4 month dr appt. when connor wasn't playing on the doctor's swirling chair, he wanted to be right next to Noah. bros.

...or finding it hilarious to get in the way when i tried to take a picture!

sneak peek at Noah in his Halloween costume. This is the only hand me down costume he'll wear but we had to let him wear Connor's from his 1st Halloween. Kinda a tradition. a tradition involving short pants.

We all went out for Carly and Lauren's 30th birthday. As you may imagine there were nearly 80 photos taken and I managed to get 4-5 keepers. It was a good time :) We all get together so rarely now that we really enjoy it when we do.


Lo and Carly in front of the 100oz beer tower Dawn gifted them with. Would you be impressed or concerned if I told you that Jeff ordered one for me and I emptied it myself? All myself.


Karen said...

hooray for naked eating! If only we all could get away with that. :)

Krista said...

Wow. That's a lot of beer!

Carly said...

You are the bomb.