Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Just Happened

Connor & Noah were laying on Connor's bed playing. By playing, I mean Noah just hung out giggling and smiling while Connor made silly faces at him.

Connor: ahh, mama - baby noah just tickled my pit.
Grossed Out By Certain Words Mama: your what?!?!
Connor: my pit. he poked my pit.
GOBCWM: sick. where did you learn the word pit?
Connor: Baby Noah.

yeah, probably not where he learned it. Some parents hate when their kids learn bad words, I hate when gross words like pit and moist enter my home.


Karen said...

OMG I just died laughing! So funny!!

Carly said...

I hate when people have moist pits! Wow, I just used them both in a sentence. BAM!